Mathey Dearmanpipe bevelling machine

Pipeline projects have to be carried out using the best equipments and tools. Quality cannot be compromised while laying a pipeline system. Different machines and equipments serve different purposes. Bright Weld Middle East FZE located in UAE, have the best equipments for pipe cutting, bevelling and end preparation. Our equipments from Mathey Dearman are the best available in the market. Our products are not only premium but affordable.

Pipe cutting is done usually at the beginning of any work. But they are also done when an already laid pipeline needs replacement. For different purposes there are different types of pipe cutting like laser cutting, cold saw cutting, shearing, abrasive cutting, band saw cutting etc. Bright Weld Middle East FZE, have top quality pipe cutting machine in UAE.

Bevelling directly affects welding of the piping. So it has to done appropriately. For bevelling various types of motorized bevelling machines are available like electric, hydraulic etc. Bevelling machines are portable. Pipe bevelling is an essential step in the welding preparation process of pipe joining. Bevelling is the first part in end preparation of piping. After bevelling, welding is done. Welding has to be done efficiently to ensure that all the parts of the pipe fit each other accurately.

There are various aspects which have to be kept in check for all three process of pipe cutting, bevelling and end preparation. Size and width of the pipe, purpose of the pipeline, accuracy, material of the pipe etc are vital in pipeline projects. Undoubtedly we can say that we distribute not only the best pipe cutting machine in UAE but also best machines for bevelling and end preparation.

Below are some of the equipments used for piping projects:

  • Clamps

  • Pipe jacks

  • Pipe fit up tools

  • Chain machines

  • Saddle machines

  • Welding machines

  • Pipe cutting and bevelling equipments etc

Cutting & Bevelling