Sturdi-Jack II Pipe Stand

Sturdi-Jack II Pipe Stand

Mathey Dearman’s Sturdi-Jack™ II Folding Pipe Stand features a heavy-duty frame with a convenient handle for easier transportation between job sites. Its smooth folding action means quick setup and tear down and easier storage when not in use. Three different head options allow the Sturdi-Jack™ II to perform well in a wide range of applications for pipe 2” - 16” OD.

Features :

  • High Visibility Neon Green for Safety
  • Folding Pipe Stand
  • 2” - 16” Capacity - 2,500 lbs
  • Height range 29” (74 cm) minimum and a maximum of 50” (127 cm)


Part Number
Description Range (in.)
Shipping Weight
lbs. kg
Sturdi-Jack™ with V Head - 2”-16” OD capacity/2,500 lb. limit
25 11.3
D886-001* Slip-on CS Roller Head (ea.) 1,000 lb. limit 5 2.3
D886-003* Slip-on SS Ball Transfer (ea.) 1,000 lb. limit 5 2.3
D886-010 Standard V Head (head only) 6 2.7
D886-015 Large V Head (head only) 15 6.8

* Must be used with the D886-015 Large V Head for Pipe OD 12” or greater