Sturdi-Jack Fixed Leg Pipe Stand

Sturdi-Jack Fixed Leg Pipe Stand

Mathey Dearman’s Sturdi-Jack™ Fixed Leg Pipe Stand features a heavy-duty frame with a convenient handle for easier transportation between job sites. Three different head options allow the Sturdi-Jack™ II to perform well in a wide range of applications for pipe 2” - 16” OD.

Features :

  • High Visibility Neon Green for Safety
  • Sturdy Fixed Leg Pipe Stand
  • 2” - 16” Capacity - 2,500 lbs.
  • Height range 29” (74 cm) minimum and a maximum of 50” (127 cm)


Part Number
Description Range (in.)
Shipping Weight
lbs. kg
Sturdi-Jack™ with V Head - 2”-16” OD capacity/2,500 lb. limit
25 11.3
D886-001* Slip-on CS Roller Head (ea.) 1,000 lb. limit 5 2.3
D886-003* Slip-on SS Ball Transfer (ea.) 1,000 lb. limit 5 2.3
D886-010 Standard V Head (head only) 6 2.7
D886-015 Large V Head (head only) 15 6.8

* Must be used with the D886-015 Large V Head for Pipe OD 12” or greater