Cepro Welding curtain

CEPRO welding curtains are developed for use in workplaces where bystanders must be protected against the hazardous radiation emitted during welding work. When you are in an industrial setup, you should first of all try to analyze the need for CEPRO welding curtains and once you feel that its use is sure to add to the safety factor at your workplace, you must check out the kind of CEPRO welding curtains that we have to offer.

We are one of the top names in the whole of Dubai as far as buying CEPRO welding curtains is concerned. We make it a point to incorporate the best of quality standards and make sure that these curtains are going to serve the intended use in an apt manner.

So, feel free to check out the different details we have to offer and then you can find the best options for yourself and improve the safety of your employees in the desired way.

CEPRO welding curtains are developed for use in workplaces
where bystanders must be protected against the hazardous
radiation emitted during welding Work.

Standard Quality – Cepro Orange-Ce

Standard Quality – Cepro Orange-Ce

Transparent orange/red, with good UV-Protection, meets EN-1598

Transparent dark green, with excellent UV
protection, meets EN-1598

Basic UV-Protection – CEPRO Yellow

  • CEPRO welding curtains are made from 0,38 mm thick pvc,
  • Size 180 x 180 cm (6 ‘ x 6’)
  • The curtains are on the right and left side equipped with a unique snap fastener system that enables the user to connect the curtains with each other in order to create a curtain in any required width. Are fully seamed all around with 5 cm wide seams,
  • Are fit with eyelets all around.
  • All curtains come with a set of steel suspension-rings for hanging them on a tube with max 1” diameter.

Basic UV-Protection – CEPRO Yellow

Transparent Yellow. Offers UV protection
during light welding procedures does not meet EN-1598

Kronos 600 °C

Kronos 600 °C

  • Kronos is a Thermo-Glass fabric with a grey fire-retardant PU coating on one side.
    The maximum application temperature is 550 °C (peak up to 600°C). Material weight 690 gram/m².


CEPRO welding curtain was created that you can use in a workplace where onlookers must be shielded from the dangerous radiation released during welding work. When working in an industrial setting, you must first determine whether CEPRO welding curtains are necessary. Once you are certain that their use will increase workplace safety, you must look at the different CEPRO welding curtains that we have to offer.

There are many benefits of a CEPRO welding curtain that can reduce the risk of injury to your workers and can shield them from welding arcs. It could burn due to the welding arcs' intrinsic heat. A person's eyes can be harmed by welding arcs' strong ultraviolet (UV) radiation in addition to the heat they produce if they are not wearing the proper eye protection. Welding screens and curtains are made to suppress UV light to shield onlookers' eyes from potential harm. The direct exposure to dangerous gases created by welding arcs can be reduced with welding curtains. These kinds of fumes may induce respiratory conditions when inhaled directly.

  1. Keeps welders safe – Employees are shielded from UV light rays by welding screens. Without the proper safeguards, the welding process can be risky as the UV radiation produced during the welding process poses a risk of employee burns or blindness. Welders and others working in the facility are shielded from debris and flashes by these flame-resistant welding drapes because CEPRO welding curtains are made of sturdy materials. You can rely on them to endure extreme heat and protect everyone inside your building.
  2. Airflow – Hazardous gases and chemicals may be created while welding. Fumes are ready to flow through since welding curtains do not even keep the environment stiff and closed. Even if the welder is wearing a safety mask, fumes may still overpower them if the welding is done in a tiny, poorly ventilated box room.
  3. Noise reduction – Both the welders and others within the building where welding activity occurs may be harmed by the noise created during the welding process. Even now, welders frequently put earplugs in to protect their hearing from the loud noises of metal grinding. The noise generated can be contained by strategically placing sound shield welder screens between them and the rest of the building.
  4. Controls temperatures – The welding process can generate high temperatures that could endanger the worker. While welders dress appropriately to protect themselves from the heat welding generates, other employees wandering the plant might not. The welding flames can reach temperatures of up to 6300 degrees Fahrenheit. Materials are used to create welding curtains, a superior barrier that can endure high heat and damage. By lowering any heat-related concerns, these welding screens help keep everyone within the facility safe.

Absolutely. A wide variety of welding protection items, like welding curtains, are available from CEPRO in a number of standard sizes or can be manufactured to order based on the client's requirements.

  1. Slide open the folding line clip.
  2. Attach the tube with the clip.
  3. Insert the bolts into the clip's two circular center holes.
  4. Cover the bolts with the overlapping strips. Alternately, combine the strips in a concave and convex manner. Use both of the pre-punched holes for the 10 cm overlap, and just the outside holes for the 5 cm overlap.
  5. Tighten the nuts and bolts and close the clips.
  6. You can use the filler pieces in the gaps between the clips if you utilised a 5 cm overlap.

You can wash your curtains with water and light detergent. The curtains can also be cleaned of any oily residue using this method. Make sure the detergent is safe to use on your curtains by testing it on a small section of one of them first.