Motorized Mini Jolli Chain Machines

Motorized Mini Jolli Chain Machines

Most popular of all chain machines, the lightweight Mini Chain Machine is recommended for cutting random lots of small or larger diameters of pipe. The addition of a Plasma Speed motor controller and a 115 VAC or 230 VAC motor makes our Chain Machine even more versatile. Easily adjustable from one pipe size to another, the Mini follows the pipe outside diameter to produce a consistent bevel. The Mini Chain Machine’s compact and unique design delivers exceptional performance and consistent results, while reducing down time and maintenance costs. Cuts pipe diameters from 2" (51mm) to unlimited sizes.

Features :

  • BEST CHOICE for a small shop or maintenance facility.
  • DURABLE and RUGGED enough to withstand the rigor of construction.
  • VIRTUALLY ELIMINATES the need for more than one machine regardless of pipe diameters.
  • ACCURACYof the Mini Chain Machine is attained through its four wheel positioning, double cottered roller chain, and (for over 18" pipe) with the optional guide tracks.
  • The Plasma Speed digital motor control gives a consistent cutting speed both up hill and down.
  • Vertical pipe or vessels 18" (457mm) and larger can be accurately cut when used with the guide strips.
  • The rack adjustable torch support allows the torch to pierce the pipe away from the cut line, and then move to the cut line, reducing notching of the weld bevel.
  • Up to 50% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.

Mini Jolli Machine Kit Includes :

  • Base machine
  • Plasma Speed Digital Controller
  • Torch arm
  • Service keys
  • Sliding support
  • Hose support
  • Torch holder
  • Service keys
  • Parts and operating manual

Not Included :

  • Machine cutting torch
  • Cotter pin chain
  • Storage box
  • Out-of-round compensating device


(lbs / kg)
Plasmaspeed Motorized Mini Jolli - 115/230VAC 05.0520.S01 47 / 21.36
PlasmaSpeed Retrofit Kit 115/230VAC 05.0520.SA1 11 / 5
Includes a 32-pitch torch holder

Add an E to the end of the item number above to order a Mini Jolli with a metric torch holder.