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Stationary Machine For Beveling Pipes


Range Ø 33 - 320Mm (1 1/2”-12 3/4”)

Stationary machine for beveling pipes within a range of 1 1/2”-12 3/4”.

The SB320 together with the SB500 completes the range of the stationary units specifically conceived for beveling pipes in series in a typical productive environment.

  • Onboard control panel for managing all the functions of the machine, the working phases and the full automatic cycle;
  • Self-centering and deformation-free prismatic jaws with automatic tightening torque sensor;
  • Automatic pipe positioner;
  • Onboard automatic lubricating system;
  • Chuck with variable configuration, with seats for HSS inserts or carbide tip tools;



Locking range mm (ø o/d.) 1.31” ÷ 12.75”
Power Supply Tension V 400
Idle Speed (Min) rpm 0 ÷ 28
Total Power kw 6.3
Max Chuck Torque nm 2100
Machine weight Kg 1650