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Multi-Function Grinding Machine For Back Gauging And Taping Operations


Grinding Disc Dia. 800 Mm

Multi-function grinding machine for back gauging and taping operations, conceived to be built in different configurations, designed ad hoc and based on the specific requests of the customer.

The head of the machine can be installed on the trolley as well as on a manipulator and is equipped with a grinding disc 800 mm easily interchangeable with the taping kit

The machine is completely electronic, equipped with brushless motors, and can be remotely operated for the main functions, while the LCD monitor connected to an HD video camera enables the operator to have a constant visibility on the machine work.

  • Multi-function grinder with variable configurations possibility to adapt it to the required scope;
  • ø 800 mm grinding disc;
  • Completely electronic machine having the main functions manageable via brushless motor;
  • Remote control of the main functions;
  • LCD monitor for visual check of the machine work by an HD video camera;
  • Possibility to install the machine head on the trolley or onto a manipulator in relation to the application
  • Optional taping kit.



Grinding disc motor power (tri-phase asynchronous) Kw 22
Grinding disc speed rotation rpm 1800
Power Supply Tension V 380
Total Power kw 8.5
Power Supply Frequency Hz 50
Grinding Disc Max Diameter mm 800
Grinding Disc Thickness Range mm 12-16
Stroke mm 400
(Brushless) Feeding Motor Power kW 1,077
Cross Stroke mm 370
(Brushless) Cross Motor Power kW 0,820
Head Tilting Stroke deg 0:45
Head Inclination Stroke deg -10 : +10
Head Rotation Stroke deg -90 : +90
Trolley breaking torque kW 1,200
Trolley electric wheel motor power Nm 8
Movement Battery Pack ak 220
Unit weight Kg ~1500