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Grinding Disc Dia. 400 Mm

The GBC G400 is a light, powerful, compact and versatile grinder, suitable for rapidly carrying out the main process of taping and grinding of ferrules and typical manufactured items for boilers as:

The unit can also be equipped with an optional vacuum fan for dust and sparks.

  • back gauging for welding root removal
  • polishing of dish ends, vessels, cones, poles etc
  • tack - welded edges preparation by grinding
  • welding seam over-thickness removal

Use of the GBC G400 Grinder means a solid evolution in all grinding operations on boilers and pressure vessels manufacturing environmental, with result of following advantages compare with manual execution by single operator with angle grinder:

  • Time save up 80% for back gauging operation
  • High material rate removal
  • No thermal alteration (heat affected zone) of welding area
  • Same job accuracy all over work piece
  • Vibrations free
  • Safety & working condition improvement
  • Drop of injury on duty (grinding sparks, tendinitis, sprains, stress fractures) due to extended angle grinder handling time

G 400 Grinder head feeding system is pneumatic with compensation which retract the feeding piston when meeting ovality on the work piece causing overrate of removed material. Operator must then restore the correct feeding rate of grinding disc on the vessel.

Grinding head can turn of 90° for dedicated set up when performing longitudinal back gouging (mounted on column welding boom arm only).



Power Supply Tension V 400
Main Motor Power kW 9
Vacuum Fan Power kW 10
Total Power kw 8.5
Grinding Disc RPM rpm 3200
Grinding Disc max Diameter mm 410
Grinding Disc Centring Hole Diameter mm 60
Grinding Disc Available Thickness mm 12÷14÷16
Grinding Disc Peripheral Speed m/s 65
Cutting Depth mm 0÷120
Push Exertion Kg 500÷2000
Constant Acoustic Ratio @ 2 meters db 80÷85
Acoustic Peak @ 2 meters db 110÷120
Machine head weight without trolley lb 180
Weight kg 500