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At Bright Weld, we are one of the top deep sea controller supplier in UAE. We specialise in tons of deep sea equipment and each one of the equipment adheres to the best of safety norms and serves the right need in the perfect manner. We are aware of the needs in this field and offer the right kind of products that have been tailored as per the needs of the users. From DSE control items to those that involve DSE power, Bright Weld offers all of it and more. We know how important it is to offer some of the best products and we specialise in that. You can find a list of different items that we offer and seeing the massive variety will give you an idea as to why we are hailed as the top deep sea controller supplier in UAE. We know that every little detail matters and so each of the products that we offer have the right specifications that serves the designated need in the right manner.

Generator Control Modules

  • Manual & Auto Start Control Modules
  • Auto Mains(Utility) Failure Control Modules
  • Synchronizing and Load Sharing Control Modules
  • Expansion Modules
  • DC/Hybrid Generator Control Modules
  • Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)
  • Mains (Utility) Protection Relays
  • Lighting power Control Modules
  • Remote Communications& Overview Displays
  • Expansion Modules
Deep Sea Controller

DSE Power

Intelligent Battery Chargers and Power Supplies

  • 12v Battery Chargers
  • 24v Battery Chargers
  • Intelligent Battery Chargers
  • Enclosed Intelligent Battery Chargers
  • Multiple Output Battery Chargers
  • Overview Battery Displays & Remote Communications

DSE Control

Control Systems for vehicles and off-Highway Machinery

  • Vehicle& Off-Highway Machinery Control Systems(M-Series)
  • Engine & Pump Control Modules
  • Accessories


Dedicated Auto Transfer Switch Control Modules

  • Automatic Transfer Switch Control Modules
  • Self – Seeking Power Supplies
DSE Power
DSE Control
Deep Sea Controller
deep sea
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DSE Controller