Safety Tips On Working With A Pipe Cutter

Safety Tips On Working With A Pipe Cutter

Pipe cutter as the name suggests is used for cutting pipes. While working on tools and equipments including the pipe cutter the operators need to take proper precautions. The warnings, instructions and other safety measures should be carefully considered by the operators in order to protect themselves. Bright Weld Middle East FZE, offers numerous safety products along with quality Pipe Cutting Machine in UAE. We can proudly say that we have the best Pug Cutting Machine in UAE

Safety tips on working with a pipe cutter:

Safety Wear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The first measure to take to remain safe while working on pipe cutter is to use the right safety wear and PPE. Wearing appropriate safety wear can save you from severe injury and hazards. While cutting the pipes pieces and shreds can fly off and chemicals and dust can cause harm. In order to prevent dust and chemicals from entering into eyes you should wear safety glasses. Ear protection to protect the ears from hearing loss is also necessary. The blades of the cutter are also sharp and hence dangerous. Other PPEs which you should wear include protective clothing, footwear, respirator, gloves etc. Use all that is required to ensure your safety while operating pipe cutting machine.


While cutting do not keep the blade pointing towards you. There is a possibility that during the cutting the blade can slip and you can hurt yourself. Also you should be aware that cutting can create sharp edges and ends on the pipe, hence after cutting you have to handle the pipe with proper precaution.

Do not repair the equipments and its parts on your own

If there is any issue with the equipments and its components give it for repairing at the right place. By trying to disassemble the equipments you can get exposed to hazardous materials as well as damage the equipment which will lead to more complicated issues.


The cutter has to be stored in a place where all workers are aware of. It is ideal to use a protective sleeve for the cutter. The cutters should not be kept with other tools or should be carelessly laid out in open places. You never know when the sharp blades will cut you.


It is important to read the instructions while using the pipe cutter especially if you have purchased a new

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. Read the instructions carefully even if you know how to use it. Doing so will keep you safe and will ensure that you are using the equipment for the right application.

Pipe has to opened and ventilated

While cutting the pipe you has to ensure that the pipe is opened and ventilated so as to block gases from forming in the lateral pipe.


Screws and bolts of the pipe cutting machine have to be fixed and tightened. If need be they have to be replaced. Improperly fixed screws can make the parts of the pipe cutter fall apart. Flexible shaft should also be lubricated and examined routinely.

Pipes have to be kept grounded

The pipes which you intent to cut have to be grounded properly so that while cutting it will won’t slip or move around. Pipes kept in proper place will keep you safe.

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