Essential Reasons for Workplace PPE Usage

Essential Reasons for Workplace PPE Usage

An average individual spends one-third of his available time in a 24-hour day at workplaces. Considering this proportion these spaces are indeed our second home. However unlike the cozy home workplaces offer potential threats to individuals that may result in a fatal or non-fatal injury. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) every day 6300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases. In a year this figure can reach up to 2.3 million. It is also observed that there are about 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million work-related illnesses annually.

Regardless of these figures, it is the responsibility of the employer to provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for their employees. They are also supposed to educate workers on the proper use of these safety equipment. A knowledgeable PPE supplier in UAE can aid business owners in carrying out these responsibilities.

On the other hand, it is the responsibility of every employee to use these safety wears diligently. More than avoiding accountability for workplace injuries during legal disputes, it is essential to ensure your overall well-being and a future that is bright with good health. With the health of employees at stake, PPE is a topic that requires further explanation.

Benefits that necessitate PPE

  • Protection From Physical Hazards
    PPE such as helmets, hard hats, and gloves are essential to safely maneuver through workplaces with falling objects, flying debris, and sharp objects. This protection equipment ensures that potential head traumas, eye injuries, and cuts are avoided.
  • Prevention of Respiratory Hazards
    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), respiratory hazards are among the leading causes of workplace illnesses and deaths in the United States. On a global scale, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a number beyond 2 million for the deaths caused by work-related diseases. They observe a significant proportion of such cases related to respiratory issues. Hence it is essential to equip workers with adequate and effective face masks while conducting their work. A 3M N 95 mask that can filter 90 percent of particulate dust and the 3M 6200 reusable half-face mask respirator with 99.97 percent filter efficiency are the popular choices in the market. The choice depends on the level of particulate matter in the workplace.
  • Prevention of Noise Induced Hearing Loss
    Construction and Manufacturing Industries are spaces that subject workers to machine operational noise of high volume. This can make them vulnerable to permanent hearing loss and other auditory disorders. This is why earplug or earmuffs that offer excellent protection has to be procured from reliable PPE supplier in UAE.

Other than these few factors chemical hazards, biological hazards, and exposure to ultraviolet rays are also factors or potential threats that demand tailored PPE for safeguarding workers and employees.

PPE: Other Essential Reasons

  • Promotion of a Safety Culture:
    Procuring essential safety equipment and ensuring its proper and diligent usage cultivates a safe work culture that is based on hazard awareness, risk mitigation, and personal responsibility for safety among workers.
  • Enhancement of Worker Confidence and Morale:
    As in the case of any welfare addition quality safety equipment procured from a reputed PPE supplier in UAE enhances the morale of workers. This, especially for the ones working in high-risk industries, is an added confidence. This will result in efficient operations.
  • Cost Savings and Increased Productivity:
    Even though PPEs require spending an upfront cost, the long-term benefits make it cost-effective. It is essential to reduce hospital costs and compensatory claims by the employees. Moreover, sick leaves and downtime caused by safety hazards can be avoided. In total, PPEs are a way to enhance productivity while ensuring minimal loss.

To sum up, PPEs are a game changer for employers and workers alike. While it enhances overall workplace well-being for workers, cultivates a healthy work culture, and boosts employee confidence, for the employers it is an added productivity enhancer. Moreover, the latter is safeguarded from legal liabilities with proper safety adherence using PPEs.

So the essential reasons that demands workplace PPE usage have been established. Now it is time to find a PPE supplier in UAE who can provide quality products. In this case, Bright Weld with a range of products that adheres to industry standards while catering to varying industry needs could be an ideal solution to transform your workplace to a safety net.