Things to consider before buying victor cutting torch

Things to consider before buying victor cutting torch

The focal point of a welding or cutting torch is its tip. When used at equal pressures of acetylene and oxygen, welding tips typically produce positive pressure (higher than 1 PSI). These single-hole copper alloy tips are connected to a torch handle that has a mixer to combine the fuel and oxygen, much like a car's carburetor does. The most popular torch brand is Victor's cutting torches. It won't take you long to realise why Victor is a best seller after you take into account all of the features, choices, and warranties that are offered. Nowadays, victor journeyman cutting torch is one of the most sought-after one. Let’s learn how to choose the best cutting torch for your job in this article.

  • Thickness

    The thickness of the metal being cut is important because the centre hole of the cutting and gouging tip is sized to provide the proper amount of oxygen at the proper pressure for a certain thickness. Additionally, the pre-heat hole is sized to accommodate the necessary volume of mixed gas to efficiently heat a specific metal thickness.

  • Application

    Tips are made specifically with their intended uses in mind. Various tips are used for cutting, gouging, and heating. They might be constructed from a single solid piece of copper or from a two-piece hybrid comprised of a copper exterior piece and a brass interior piece. Some cutting tips are specifically designed for use with automated cutting equipment, allowing for high-pressure cutting that results in quicker, cleaner, and more accurate cuts.

  • Fuel Gas

    Gases of various kinds are used in cutting processes. Cutting tips designed specifically for each type of fuel gas enhance the delivery of oxygen and gas.

  • Pro Tips:
  • Always Stand Aside

    When slowly opening the cylinder valve, always stand to one side of the regulator. In the (very unlikely) event that the regulator malfunctions, the pressure adjustment (PA) knob and regulator bonnet are most likely to be struck by the force of the gas. Then, open the oxygen cylinder valve entirely while just partially opening the acetylene valves. The valves on alternative fuel cylinders ought to be fully open.

  • Leak test

    Use a wrench to tighten any metal-to-metal connections, including those between the gas hoses and the torch. Then, leak test these connections by immersing them whole (not just partially) in leak test solution while keeping a watch out for expanding bubbles. Use the leak test method that has been approved.

  • Lighting Alternate Fuels

    If you're having trouble starting the flame, hold it at a 45-degree angle to the plate so the plate "traps" the gas. Once lit, the flame can be extinguished by providing more oxygen. Relight the torch if it goes out, position the tip at a 45-degree angle to the plate, and add preheat oxygen gradually until the flame catches.


The heating and brazing attachments on the Victor Journeyman cutting torch are an added advantage. Both the Journeyman and the Journeyman II are excellent torches for cutting and welding; with the various nozzles in the package, you can cut through metal up to 8 inches thick and weld metal up to 3 inches thick. The torch included in the Journeyman kit has a ten-year warranty, which is the best in the business. Are you looking for the best Pug Cutting Machine in UAE? Then we at Bright Weld Middle East have got want you want. Portable Pug Cutting machines are an essential and useful equipment for industrial cutting processes. We offer engineers-trusted Victor Pug Cutting Machine in UAE.