Things to know before selecting gas regulator

Things to know before selecting gas regulator

While selecting gas regulators in order to choose the most appropriate and suitable gas regulator you have to consider certain things. Bright Weld Middle East FZE, gas regulator suppliers in UAE suggests below a few tips while selecting gas regulators. Having quality products combined with excellent service has made us the number one welding accessories suppliers in UAE.

Type of Gas

Different gas types can be used in the regulators. While selecting a gas regulator you should have an understanding of the gas type used. A single type of gas or a mixture can be used. By knowing the gas type used then you can monitor, evaluate and manage the regulator in a better way. The gases utilized in the regulator under different circumstances of pressure and temperature reacts differently. Regulators should be able to adjust according to the gas type.  The gas used can be propane, methane or any other kind.


According to the location in which the gas regulator is kept (indoors or outdoors) the type of the regulator has to be selected. Regular with vent limiter and an overpressure protection device (OPD) can be chosen if the regulator is going to be placed indoors.

Gas Flow and Pressure

You have to check the gas flow range and its minimum and maximum load and capacity. It is important to know the inlet and outlet pressure which occurs while gas is pushed in the system. The regulator should have the capacity to withstand the pressure, if not the regulator will break and damage occurs.

Pipe Size        

There are diverse type of pipe size and the usually available size range from half inch size to four inch size.


Till which height the particular regulator can be kept should be found out since it can affect the size of the regulator.


Check the noise level of the gas regulator. Vibrations and noise can occur by using the regulators.

Kind of gas regulator

Single stage regulators and dual stage regulators are the types of regulators. Single stage regulator works within a type of range and brings down the pressure in a single step. While the pressure is reduced in two steps in the dual stage regulators. In the former type variation can occur in the pressure while in the latter pressure stays more consistent. For accurate pressure dual stage regulators are preferred.


According to application the type of regulator have to be chosen. The different regulator application include.

  • heaters
  • gas-fired appliances in motor homes
  • blown-air heater for warehouse use
  • controlling gas furnaces
  • controlling generators
  • gas-fired appliance on boats

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