Gas-Cutting: Process, Safety & Advantages

Gas-Cutting: Process, Safety & Advantages

Oxy-fuel cutting is widely employed for Industrial thermal cutting as the process can cut thicknesses from 0.5 mm- 250 mm and the equipment is not expensive and can be used mechanized or manually. This process uses an oxidizing flame and a gas-cutting torch to weld or cut. So what do you think an oxy- fuel cutting is? It involves the thermal cutting using oxygen & fuel gas (propane, acetylene, propylene, MAPP or natural gas) to cut materials. This process is also said to be as rapid & controlled rusting. Currently, there are many options in nozzle design & fuel gas types, which enhance the cutting speed & quality. So make sure to buy the gas cutting equipments, Dubai from a reliable supplier in the market.

Oxy- fuel Cutting Process       

Different materials have different ignition temperatures. For steel, this is about 7000C- 9000C. Initially, the oxygen-fuel mixture is used to preheat the metal to its ignition temperature (below its melting point). Then a jet of pure O2 is directed to the preheated section, which leads to an exothermic reaction between the metal & oxygen to form slag (iron oxide). The jet of O2 removes the slag and pierce through the material to cut the material further down.

Oxy-fuel process can be employed only for those metals whose oxides have low melting points than the base metal. Because when the metal starts to oxidize, it forms a protective crust and terminates the process. Therefore oxy-fuel process is only used for cutting low carbon steel and some low alloys which obey the above condition. This method can be used to cut thicker materials and allows cutting of steeper angles up to 700.

The Characteristics of a Quality Oxy- fuel cut

  1. Clean smooth surface with near vertical drag lines
  2. No under cuts
  3. Cut face square with respect to top surface
  4. Square top corner with minimum radius
  5. Little/no slag on bottom edge which can be easily removed by scraping 

Gas Cutting Efficiency

Gas cutting efficiency is related to the speed of the cutting torch and the smoothness of the cut edge. When the speed is more, the cut edge will be coarser. Make a deal, only with the reliable welding accessories suppliers in UAE for a smooth and efficient process.

Gas cutting equipment

There are different types and varieties of gas cutting equipments for normal and specific functions in the industry. Most of them are designed and manufactured for the convenience of the work. Find high quality and certified gas cutting equipments, Dubai for long tern use and easy maintenance. You can read the list of wide range of gas cutting equipments below.

  • Pressure Regulator, to regulate the pressure of the gas in the cylinder during the cutting process.
  • Gas Cutters
  • Gas cylinders
  • Gas cutting Nozzles
  • Pug Cutting Machine
  • Gas cutting/Welding Torch
  • Non-Return valve
  • Flash Back Arrestor
  • Industrial Gas Manifold system
  • Flow meter
  • CO2 Constant Pre- heater
  • Pressure Tester
  • Hose Connector
  • Rubber Hose for welding
  • Goggles and glasses
  • Gloves and Apron
  • Spark Lighter and spanners
  • Chipping hammer and wire brush                      

Advantages of Oxy- Fuel Gas Cutting

Gas cutting is popular because of its advantages than a normal and plasma type of metal cutting processes. So what are the advantages of oxy- fuel gas cutting process.

  1. Oxy- fuel cutting has high cutting quality with a relatively high cutting speed (+20 % with acetylene).
  2. Low cost option (low capital cost & low consumable cost) than other cutting processes.
  3. This process requires no electricity.
  4. Oxy- fuel gas cutting can be done manually or mechanized.
  5. The process can be used to cut thick materials and the equipments are easily transportable.

Gas- Cutting safety Precautions

All cutting and welding processes have to be safely handled. Oxy- fuel cutting/ gas Cutting involves the cutting & welding of metals using fuel gases. These tasks have risks, so those who work on cutting industry need to follow safety rules and guidelines to maintain a safe workplace.

  • Provide fire protection equipments like fire extinguishers at the workplaces.
  • Use personal protections during gas cutting against fume inhalation, eye injuries, Bodily injuries or other ergonomic risks.
  • Follow the safety guidelines for proper maintenance of gas cylinders and Hoses
  • All cutting equipment should be made grease and oil free as there is a possible hazard for explosion if O2 interacts with petroleum.
  • Make sure to clean the Gas Cutting Torch tips before lighting.
  • Use friction lighters to ignite torches.

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