Gas Cutting Equipment: The Choice of Professionals

Gas Cutting Equipment: The Choice of Professionals

Also known as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene, gas cutting equipment are used for cutting and welding metals especially steel. The process is done using either oxygen or fuel gases. Gas cutting equipments are effective as well as less expensive. Different fuel gases are used in the equipment. They include MAPP, acetylene, propane, natural gas and propylene. Gas cutting equipments are vastly used to cut metals of thickness varying from 6 to 12 inches thick. They are also oxy-fuel torches which can be used to cut steel that are more than 20 inches thick. These equipments are priced low. They are operated either manually or mechanised. Another added advantage of this tool is the varied nozzle designs and torches which are available and utilized for varied purposes. Gas cutting equipments can be employed for straight edge cutting as well as for bevel strip cutting. They do not require primary power source or compressed air for operating.

They are easily portable and can be used for cutting steel anywhere. There are oxy-fuel equipments which can weigh about 35 pounds. These equipments help in reducing the number of workers required for the job. These tools are economical, time saving with effective results. Quality work can be achieved by using this. Gas cutting equipments are also versatile. They can be used for heating, brazing, soldering, gouging and welding purposes.

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Below are few of the tools used in gas cutting:

  • Gas regulators
  • Cutting nozzles
  • Gas cutting torches 
  • Safety tools - fire extinguishers, gloves, masks, fire blankets and ear plugs
  • Hose safety clips
  • Cylinders and cart
  • Flash arrestor and check vales (protective equipment)

In order to carry out oxy-fuel cutting efficiently there are few conditions which have to be fulfilled. They are:

  • The material should have ignition temperature which is below its melting point.
  • Oxygen jet and metal should have appropriate oxidation reaction between them to sustain the ignition temperature.
  • Melting point of the oxide must be less than that of materials.
  • Correct amount and appropriate gases should be used as per the requirement.

While using gas cutting equipment always take necessary precautions. Use adequate safety tools such as fire blankets. Leaks should be corrected on time. Materials should not be handled without putting on gloves. Take care not to substitute air for oxygen. Things like grease and oil which can react with gases and cause explosions should be kept away. Primarily keep the area always clean.

The torches of the equipment usually come in extended length giving the operators sufficient distance to stay away from heat, slags and flames. 75 to 100 foot hoses are mostly used in Oxy-fuel torches and in some cases hoses of up to 200 feet are also used.

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