How does a fire blanket put out a fire?

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Fire blankets are one of the most vital safety equipment required in any industry.  Fire can break out anywhere anytime.  A small short circuit is enough for the quick spread of fire. Therefore it is necessary to equip buildings with safety amenities.

Fire Blankets are made by using fire resistant materials which helps in immediately putting out the flame. They are manufactured using glass fibre fabric and retardant film. There are two layers of woven glass fibre in the blanket with the retardant film placed inside. In order to extinguish fire effectively it is important to use high quality fire blankets. Bright Weld Middle East FZE the leading industrial equipment supplier in Dubai offers premium quality fire blankets for industrial uses.  Bright Weld is renowned and trusted as the best fire blanket supplier Dubai.

Working of the fire blanket and how to use it effectively

Immediate action is required when you hear a fire alarm or notice a fire. There is no time to wait and read instructions about the usage of fire blankets. Therefore proper knowledge beforehand is essential. Fire blankets should be properly marked and kept in easily accessible areas.  Proper education on where it is placed and how it is to be used has to be given to the occupants of a building.

When you see or hear the first signs of a fire the foremost thing which you have to do is to turn off the electricity and gas supply. After you have done this, next you have to find the place or the source of the fire.  After spotting the source of fire you have to instantly take out the fire blankets.  As per your requirement you can choose its number.  After removing it from the containers you have to hold it properly using the straps on the blanket. Once this is done you have to check what you are wearing before going to extinguish the flame.  If the cloth you are wearing have high chance of catching fire take precautions (like rolling the sleeves, removing the coats etc).  Also wear inflammable gloves in your hands if they are not readily available cover your hands with the corners of the blanket.  After taking the necessary precautions take the fire blanket to the source of fire and cover the flames using the blanket.  Remember to bring along any immediately available person with you.  They will not only help you to be more confident but also will assist you in case of any emergency.  

Oxygen supply is instantly stopped by the fire blanket.  Oxygen supports fire therefore cutting it off immediately extinguishes the flame.  After placing the fire blanket be cautious not to touch the blanket or any other things near it.  It is advisable to stand a little far away from it.

If you find the fire to be uncontrollable and immense, exit the place instantly and get support from the fire brigade.

Usually employed to extinguish small fires, fire blankets are also used to drape around a person who have caught fire. Fire blankets immediately put out the fire caught by a person. By wrapping the fire blanket a person who has been trapped in the midst of the fire can be evacuated safely from a burning building.

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