Is it time to upgrade your welding closet? Then it is important to know the wide options available in the market. Welding is a manufacturing process using high temperature to melt and bridge or fuse parts together. Welding methods are evolving to give quality results with advanced welding equipments. As one of the best welding accessories suppliers in UAE, bright weld understands the importance of advanced technologies to meet different welding processes and requirements. Welding processes vary as MIG welding, TIG welding, stick welding, flux welding, energy beam welding, atomic hydrogen welding, gas tungsten welding, plasma arc welding and each one of it might demand different purpose with different welding machines that make the work simpler and efficient with the best welding accessories suppliers in UAE.

MIG welding machine

When you are working with large and thick materials, metal inert gas machine can be your buddy. Compared to TIG welding, it is faster and results in lower production costs. The welder uses a consumable wire as both electrode and filler material. Majorly MIG welding machines are used to weld stainless steels and aluminium metals. The machine is capable to work in single phase, three phase and all in one. It is ideal for small business, manufacturing industries and metal fabrication.

TIG welding machines

Tungsten inert gas machines are commonly used for thin metals and smaller projects as they produce precise and clean welds. It is ideal for pipeline, pipe welding, aviation, aerospace and sheet metal operations. A non consumable tungsten electrode is used to  produce a weld.

Spot welding machine

Two or more metal sheets can be welded together by applying pressure and heat to the weld area with electric current by spot welding. Spot welding is popular for its effective power usage, high manufacturing rate, simple automation etc. it is ideal for automatic industry.

Atomic hydrogen welding machine

To use AHW machine, it required an experienced operator to operate the welder. It used the arc generated between two tungsten electrode and the hydrogen gas provided by a hydrogen gas cylinder. AHW machines are ideal on thin and thick materials and also suitable for situations that require rapid welding.

Shielded metal arc welding machine

It is also known as stick welding, which uses an electric current flowing through the gap between the metal and welding stick. They work on the principle of heat produced by electric arc. It is popular as a budget friendly and economical welding machine, which can be operated by both ac and dc currents.

Energy beam welding machines

The energy beam welding machine is not ideal for home use, but has gained its demand for its ability to weld thick metals into thin metals. It uses a high speed stream of electrons that is tightly focused with magnetic fields and applied to the materials to be joined.

Flux core arc welding machines

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, and generally used for welding thick metals. It is popular among welders as it have less electrode waste and can operate at extremely hot temperature approaching 1000 amps.

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