Oil gauge tape measure, also known as oil tape or sounding tape, is a specialised measuring tool used widely by the oil and petroleum industry to gauge the liquid level in storage tanks, containers and vessels.

New methods to measure the emulsions in oil have made it possible to be more precise when determining the thickness of the non-oil layers in settling mass tanks. These innovative methods have been made feasible by the ongoing evolution of new discoveries. In addition, the ability to accurately measure and manage the levels of liquids stored in tanks and vessels used for processing are critical components of a wide variety of additional industrial operations.

Let’s have a look into the 5 important insights that have come up regarding the oil gauging tape measure:

Measurement setup

The improved accuracy of level measurement makes it possible to reduce the variability of the chemical process, which ultimately leads to superior product quality, lower costs, and less waste. Regulations, particularly those that control electronic records, set extremely strict requirements for the correctness, dependability, and electronic reporting of information.

These requirements are made easier to fulfil by recent advancements in level measurement technology as well as ongoing research in the relevant sector. Anyone who wants to measure the depth of oil in storage tanks and other containers will find that oil gauging tape measures are a very useful item to have on hand.

You can buy any kind of tank gauging systems in the market like the float and tape, gauge board, displacer, radar, hybrid radar, servo, hybrid servo, acoustic, and magnetostrictive. These systems are used to measure the liquid levels in storage tanks. Some of these systems are complex and expensive, but they are able to gauge levels on two different interfaces.

In the industries that deal with oil refining, the degree of accuracy provided by level gauging systems is of critical importance. Therefore, in order to prevent making mistakes, it is vital to have a measuring system that is accurate and trustworthy. Plated oil gauge tape measures work with petrol, crude oil and fuel oil.

Applying Tape That Serves Double Duty

Using double duty oil gauge tapes, you can take accurate measurements of both clear and dark liquids. The transparent tape features a dark line running along one edge, which enables the user to see fluids that are lighter in colour.

Innage tape

Innage is the most typical approach, which entails simply lowering the tape into a tank until the tip of the plumb bob touches the bottom. This is done to determine the depth of the liquid. When you wind up the tape, simply look at the portion of the tape that is wet to get an idea of how much liquid is in the tank; this is analogous to how a dip stick works in a vehicle.

Outage tape

An outage tape is used to determine the height of a tank by measuring the distance from the surface of a liquid to the top of the tank. To put it another way, this would be the portion of the tank that does not contain any liquid.

Since it is difficult to establish where the top of the liquid actually begins, the graded plumb bob is carefully lowered from the reference point only until it reaches the liquid. This is done because it is difficult to determine where the top of the liquid actually begins.

The graduations on the bob start at the point where it is linked to the tape and increase higher as it moves further away from the tape. When calculating the total amount of space in the tank that is empty, the reading on the tape is combined with the reading on the bob, which is represented by the liquid.

Once you have determined the depth of the tank, you can calculate the depth of the liquid by deducting from the total depth the amount of space in the tank that has not been filled. By calculating the depth by the total surface area of the tank, you can determine the volume of the tank. This sort of oil measuring tape works well with substances that are either particularly viscous or highly acidic.

Lufkin Measuring tapes

The Lufkin Measuring tapes are very popular and noted for their stability, durability and reliability. The brand has been around since the late 19th century, and has even since then provided a reliable measurement for different kinds of applications.

There are so many different varieties of the Lufkin measuring tapes - ong tapes, short tapes, tape reels, diameter tapes, oil gauging tapes, to name a few. These tapes are calibrated to provide accurate measurements.

Lufkin measuring tapes are protected by rubber over mould, while the lock itself is shielded by metal roll bars. Lufkin asserts that you can drop it from a height of one hundred feet to compacted soil, and it can easily withstand the fall since the construction is so sturdy. Lufkin Measuring tapes are among the most durable that we have examined, and they have a standout that is much longer than other options. They provide two different blade patterns and a variety of different lengths, putting them squarely in competition with the industry's most renowned brands.